Fundamentals study guide for test 3:

Hey guys, here is the fundamentals study guide! Its a little late, but I think this material is reasonable and somewhat easier to understand than the previous tests. I will post the not filled out study guide below and the finished one will be in a link at the end. Thanks for reading!


test three study guide

  1. Crystalloid vs colloid fluids
  2. Bolus and push are pretty synonymous in this class, how long are they infused over?
  3. Intermittent infusion is what?
  4. what are primary and secondary bags used for?
  5. When do you change the IV line?
  6. how much does one liter of water weigh
  7. Normal values for Na, K, Ca, Glu, BUN, creatinine
  8. when giving a bolus of K what should always be used to set the rate?
  9. A high/low specific gravity indicates what?
  10. s/s with fluid volume excess
  11. s/s with fluid volume deficit
  12. 8oz of ice is 240ml but ___ml when melted?
  13. Donor vs autologous blood?
  14. types of blood products, 4 types?
  15. which has the biggest volume
  16. ABO blood typing system and rh factor
  17. three reactions to blood products?
  18. Pulmonary embolism s/s
  19. Sa02 Sp02 and Pa02 definitions
  20. flow rates range for nasal cannula, and nonrebreather
  21. what is a yankauer? what level of suction does it use?
  22. What does VAP stand for?
  23. Patient satisfaction organizations of management (3)?

Here is the filled out version!


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