Mental Health: Session 1


Mental Health Session 1


overview and introduction.


There can be genetic predisposition to mental health episodes,


Social determinants such as loss of stability, employment, housing, or emotional system of support can cause mental health issues as well.


Mental illness is when the person can no longer cope with their symptoms and they show with significant dysfunction and it is over at least 2 weeks or a month.


Recovery Oriented Practice – working with the patient to meet their recovery goals, this can be how you talk about the patient: say the patient with schizophrenia, not the schizophrenic. The have a disease, they are not the disease.

Incidence is the number of new cases

Prevalence is the overall amount or % of people in a population with the illness.


Dr. Hildegard Peplau (1909 – 1990) Interpersonal relationship theory.

Dr. Jean Watson: reflective nursing practice – Theory of human caring. A former dean of UC Denver Anschutz medical Campus.


A therapeutic relationship is important to nursing integral, needs clear boundaries, the first encounter sets the tone for the relationship,

  • We need to use therapeutic communication to develop the relationship as well.
  • Ask about Sleep, Smoking, and Sex
  • Phrasing, use of silence, clarification, open ended questions, and reflection will help cultivate this.  
  • Empathy – the patient is the center of the conversation and you help them work though the issue themselves.
  • Sympathy – you turn the conversation to something about you and pity the person. Empathy is preferred.


Transference – a patient gets feelings for a Healthcare professional

Countertransference – when the healthcare professional develops feelings or makes a connection between the patient and a person that the healthcare professional knows.



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